Growing Mindful: A Deck of Mindfulness Practices for All Ages

A deck of simple, effective mindfulness practices.


Some cards in this unique deck teach awareness, others help you make present moment contact, still others cultivate kindness and curiosity, and many do a combination.

This deck can be used in any number of ways. Perhaps drawing a card as a morning check in for yourself, perhaps as a settling practice between transitions in your classroom, at the start of a therapy session or end of a yoga class, or in a moment of pause before a meal or another time of the day.

Whether in classrooms or living rooms, kids and adults can use the deck to develop their mindfulness skills together, deepening awareness and connecting.

However you decide to use the deck, the idea is to have fun in the process of fully engaging in the present moment.


Praise for the book

-- "I’m a busy mom and professional and it’s really challenging to carve out enough time to just sit on a cushion and meditate on a regular basis. While I meditate “formally” when I am able, I also find these cards helpful to keep myself centered in the midst of my hectic daily life. To me, that is the point of meditation- to get more “in the moment” at all times of the day. These cards are a valuable resource!

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