My Philosophy


Welcome to my private practice page!

All of my psychotherapeutic, coaching and consultation interventions center on building strength, resilience and flexibility in peoples’ lives rather than resolving pathology.  Though suffering and roadblocks are real, my clients and I have found that focusing on how to build from possibility is far more productive and engaging than digging out from under various aspects of “dysfunction.” 

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Please note that at present I do not accept private health insurance. I provide documentation for submission to insurance for reimbursement.

Couples and Family Therapy

I also provide couples and family therapy. Human beings are biologically “wired” for relationships and as a result we are always mutually influencing one another.  Therefore understanding and harnessing the social “messaging” in our daily interactions is crucial to individual and collective success and well-being. I work with couples and families to engage in mindful interactions and understanding of each other in order to promote more positive communication and interpersonal relationships. 

Individual Therapy


I maintain a full-time psychotherapy practice, focusing on evidence based practices for intervening with children, adolescents and adults.  In particular, I focus on mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches to helping people create greater flexibility in their management of daily life, as well as greater quality in their relationships, and passionate commitment to their values and ideals.  As a therapist, I emphasize a strong therapeutic relationship and seek to have our treatment relationship serve as a guide for understanding and untangling from unhelpful patterns of relating to others and managing emotions that block one's effectiveness across life domains.  Please note that at present I do not accept private health insurance.  I provide documentation for submission to insurance for reimbursement.

Individual Coaching


Though "coaching" is somewhat of a watered down professional moniker these days, I do like the term for describing client work that centers around professional development and effectiveness.  I consider coaching to be a subset of psychotherapy in which the domain of the work focuses in on removing the obstacles to effective performance and pursuit of one's professional goals.  In my role as a professional coach, I use tailored assessments to help clients develop an intensive understanding of their particular inter and intra-personal roadblocks, and develop a calibrated intervention plan to overcome these barriers in order to generate the desired momentum in their career path.  The ignition of professional passion comes from this process of intensive support, feedback and directed practice of skills.