Understanding & Coming to Terms with the Narcissist in Your Life - An Interview with Alena Scigliano, LPC

Episode Description:

Narcissists aren't necessarily evil people, but their patterns of behavior cause significant harm to others in their families and spheres of influence.  Join me in this episode with clinician, author and entrepreneur, Alena Scigliano to better understand the nature of narcissist's impact on others, how to frame it, and how to begin to realign your life toward self-love and healthy action.

About Alena:

Alena Scigliano, LPC is a licensed psychotherapist, author, speaker, and expert in Narcissistic Abuse. She provides narcissistic abuse education, training, and consultation to other mental health professionals. Alena is the author of an upcoming book on the topic and is the founder of Coastal Light Counseling in Virginia Beach.  Alena is driven by helping others live a life free of fear and filled with love, joy, & peace.  To learn more about Alena and her work go to https://alenascigliano.com/