Parenting, Profession and Being a Clinician-Creator: An Interview with Dr. Tamara Soles

Episode Description: 

Psychologist, podcaster and course creator, Dr. Tamara Soles, joins me to discuss how she leveraged moments of her career as a child and family clinician to not only connect and promote growth and healing for clients, but also to grow herself as a professional.  It goes far beyond "work-life balance" hacks and tips when considering how a busy clinician can build a clinic, create and host a unique podcast, create a parenting course and yes ... be a mom herself!  Join me to learn from Dr. Soles about how energy comes from tapping into what is uniquely possible for oneself.

About Dr. Tamara Soles (in her own words):

I’m a mom of twins- a boy and a girl, as well as a child psychologist and parenting coach in Montreal. I feel very privileged to work with families who have found themselves at a difficult time in their parenting journey. To allow someone into your family and be open and vulnerable takes a lot of courage. I feel honored to hold that vulnerability and to meet families with openness and acceptance as we find a path forward together that brings a new level of harmony and connectedness to the family.

Our children often know us better than anyone else. They see our authentic selves without any masking. They see our strengths and our vulnerabilities and inevitably see us at our best and our most difficult moments. Who better to ask to describe me than my children. I asked them to share what they would want people to know about me and my work. Here’s what they said:

She’s great. She’s kind and gentle. She’s cool. She’s a psychologist. She has a special place in her heart for kids. And her website is” (it’s not ;))

By the time parents reach out to me, they are often at the point where they feel desperate, out of tools, or are struggling to feel a peaceful connection with their child. Interactions are fraught with power struggles, threats, and frustration.

Whether you find yourself saying, “yes that’s us!!” when you read that or whether you are looking for ideas for how to best support your child’s development or get through a difficult developmental stage, we will carve out that gentle path that brings you back together in harmony. I work from the perspective of attachment and interpersonal neurobiology, meaning that we recognize that the relationship is the foundation and context for development and discipline focuses on skill building and teaching not punishment and consequences. Instead, we focus on scientifically supported strategies to help children thrive.

Dr. Soles hosts the podcast "This Hour Has 50 Minutes" and focuses on issues, themes and tools for and from clinicians.  Find her show here:

She runs the Secure Child Centre for Families and Children in Montreal, and has developed an online Parenting Course: "No More Power Struggles" ... Learn more here:

Tamara can be contacted at