The Power of Prizing vs. Merely Praising.

The Power of Prizing vs. Merely Praising


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Learn how skillfully prizing kids (rather than mindlessly praising) can be a game-changer in your relationship as a parent, teacher, or helper.

Our culture is addicted to "good job!"--our all-purpose, feel-good, non-specific, or high-bar-setting verbal praise--especially when we talk to our kids. Praise can put too much emphasis on controlling results, and kids can experience it as pressure and learn to fear failing in adults’ eyes.

By contrast, prizing is a game-changing mindset and set of specific skills that can help kids convert moments of emotional pain or stuckness into opportunities and possibilities for healthy change and growth.

In Prizeworthy, clinical psychologist Mitch Abblett introduces us to the skills of prizing and shows us what it looks like and how to do it in real-life situations. Abblett also shares stories of how prizing has made a real difference in the lives of young people, parents, and professionals. He offers a host of scientifically-sound mindfulness and positive psychology-based practices for cultivating prizing at home, and in educational and therapeutic settings.

“If there were only one skill you could learn as a parent, let it be prizing. It’s the basis of all the others. Your kids will be forever grateful, and so will you.”

—Christopher Germer, PhD, author of The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion

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Have you ever experienced someone making an incredibly positive impact in your life?

If so - please take a moment to share a story and become part of the prizing movement so that all children can experience how praiseworthy they are!

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Meet Dr Mitch Abblett

Mitch Abblett, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and consultant with a private practice. He speaks and trains nationally and internationally on the applications of mindfulness for enhancing professional and personal communication patterns and effectiveness.

The author of numerous previous books, he has been the executive director of the Institution for Meditation and Psychotherapy and was for 11 years clinical director of Manville School at Judge Baker's Children's Center at Harvard University.

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Hanna Nowicki
Managing Director / Owner
TATRA Training Services, Australia

Mitch has worked with TATRA Training Services over the years and he delivered a series of professional workshops across Australia; all very successful and well attended national highly educational speaking tours. He demonstrated great presentation skills, attention to detail, depth of knowledge, enthusiasm and high level of competency as a trainer. His presentation style is highly impressive: he is not only knowledgeable but also funny and beautifully intelligent which unsurprisingly results in great feedback from the attendees. A hard worker and a true professional, he is witty, a high energy presenter and a great tireless traveler. If you have a chance, attend his workshops. I recommend his workshops to all, with no hesitation. Mitch is a world-class presenter; his workshops are truly inspirational and it is always a pleasure to work with him.

Some Participant Comments


"Highly engaging material and presentation manner.  It enabled me to reflect on my own processes with clients."



" . . . an engaging and effective presenter.  An enjoyable and educational day . . ."



"The combination of media/group work and direct therapy role-play kept me interested."



"I found this training extremely interesting and valuable.  Very relevant to my workplace."



"Really enjoyed the session.  A fresh approach to complex clients that is not just about getting control -- but about compassion."



"Excellent workshop!  I have been given a lot to take away and think about."


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We Are All Prizeworthy.

A Call for Personal, Formative Stories of Prizing from Others 

Have you ever experienced someone making an incredibly positive impact in your life?
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We Are All Prizeworthy

A Call for Personal, Formative Stories of Prizing from Others 

Have you ever experienced someone making an incredibly positive impact in your life?

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