The greatest prizes of life are hidden in plain sight in everyday life.  Not goals scored, grades received, bottom lines or top of medal platforms, the best prizes are easily missed if we're not fully present to notice them in the nooks and crannies of moments in relationships with others, and ourselves.  

More than a mere repeat of other podcasts' tips, hacks and self-help strategies, Mitch Abblett brings both practical methods and meaningful dialogue to the task of claiming our truest life prizes of connection, creation and meaning.

Join him for engaging, accessible conversation with thought leaders, authors, researchers and change makers.  Join because you're interested less in getting an edge, but learning to see through and past the edges and borders separating us from deeper relationships and more well-being and positive impact on the world.

List of Guests / Interviews Recorded

* Sharon Salzberg, noted meditation teacher and author of Real Change and Real Happiness.

* Rick Hanson, psychologist, mindfulness consultant and trainer and and best-selling mindfulness author of Buddha's Brain and Neurodharma.

* Rich Goerling, former police lieutenant, mindfulness trainer, researcher and consultant.

* Shelly Tygielski, former corporate executive, mindfulness teacher, community organizer and founder of the philanthropic nonprofit, Pandemic of Love and author of Sit Down to Rise Up.

* Elisha Goldstein, psychologist, mindfulness speaker, trainer and author of Uncovering Happiness and The Now Effect.

* Carla Naumburg, clinician, parenting expert and author of How to Stop Losing Your Shit With Your Kids.

* Kim John Payne, family clinician, consultant regarding childhood and parenting and author of Simplicity Parenting.

* Tal Gur, former corporate executive, well-being and personal growth entrepreneur and author of The Art of Fully Living.

* Fleet Maull, psychologist, meditation teacher, nonprofit leader and author of Radical Responsibility.

* Mark Bertin, developmental pediatrician, ADHD expert and author of Mindfulness and Compassion for Teen ADHD.


* Melinda Wenner Moyer, award-winning science journalistic, editor for Scientific American and author of How to Raise Kids Who Aren't Assholes.

* Jessica Minahan, board-certified behavior analyst, speaker, consult and author of The Behavior Code.