Mastering the Difficult Conversation

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Question for you

What if you could:

Build the confidence and certainty of skills for fostering the fertile conditions necessary for connection, compassion and collaboration despite differing beliefs and histories of emotional conflict.

Learn to speak truthfully and yet compassionately without flinching, hedging, avoiding and/or saying and doing things to widen rifts and deepen wounds.

Learn to lead others toward healing, connection and collaboration.

Or let me rephrase the above:

What if From the FIRST conversation the skills that are carefully applied becomes the felt experience of what I call “compassionate clarity.” 

You see, It is crucial to go from being reactionary and part of the problem to being a true leader, change agent and part of the solution in your personal and professional situations. It is also crucial to be part of a growing community of people who are compassion warriors – confident, truth-talking, awareness individual that our world sorely needs.

That's what you get when you Master The  Difficult Conversation.

Here is the problem

You know that in order to create in-roads of possibility for change, progress and connection in difficult conversations, you need to learn best practices. 

However, you don't know how to move to the next step.

So let me ask you.....

Do you struggle to stay connected to loved ones whose beliefs and behaviors around politics, COVID / Vaccines, race relations, lifestyle differences or other changes, choices and belief systems have led to hurt feelings, disengagement and fears for the future of these important relationships?

Are you left scratching your head, avoiding certain colleagues, clients or customers, or in many ways left drained because of rigid, intense and disruptive behaviors of individuals you work with or for?

Are you finding certain conversations with specific individuals a source of significant dread or conflict?

The thing is

You’ve given it a lot of effort already – reaching out to these individuals with appeals to logic, with citations from articles or quotes from experts.

You’ve pleaded, pushed and pulled – and yet the difficult only seems to get darker. The drain intensifies. The effective resolution and click of a connection moment eludes you …

You are understandably confused and frustrated. You might even be wondering if ever even trying to connect with certain individuals is possible.

Maybe there’s something wrong with you? Maybe you’re just not cut out for communicating in these situations? Maybe conversing with these people, in these situations, is literally impossible?

Can you imagine this

Imagine having a work culture where employees can give and receive honest, supportive, constructive feedback in order to debrief problems, foster accountability and productivity by eliminating the drain of avoidance, conflict and the negative effects of burnout.

Imagine having confidence in managing a wide array of conversational situations.

Imagine opening doors to personal relationships previously closed.

Imagine intimacy and connection in close family relationships, and growth of one’s professional network as others increasingly see you as a leader, connector and positive, authentic and compassionate tone-setter.


Mastering the Difficult Conversation

 Dr. Abblett’s unskillful habit-mapping process and his PRIZE System© to halve your negative, reactive and unskillful conversation habits.

Here is what others are saying: 

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What you get inside the Master the Difficult Conversations Online course

  1. A unique program of methods not taught elsewhere
  2. Easy-to-Follow Demonstration and Guidance in Practices to Build Skills and Effectiveness in Real-Time Application
  3. Visual Reference to Aid in Embedding and Cueing Practice of Skills in Daily Conversations
  4. Connect and Learn from Other Students and Have Questions Answered as to Application of Skills 

................And so much more


What makes Mastering the Difficult Conversations different?

This program uses mindfulness-based communication skills unlike any other program available to teach you in the counterintuitive conversational moves that go far beyond what all the failing, commonly-available methods provide.

Are you ready to Master the Difficult Conversations?

When you join today, here is what you get:

  •  Video Library of 4 Recorded Lessons (Ongoing Availability After Completion of the Program) ($350)
  • Video Library of 8 Guided Skill Practices (Ongoing Availability) ($400)
  • A library of 8 Downloadable Infographic PDFs of Skill Practice Sequences ($200)
  • Exclusive Access to One-Hour Facebook Live Training Seminar ($350)

Todays Value- $1, 300 

Todays Price- $79

Join Master the Difficult Conversations today


  • Video Library of 4 Recorded Lessons
  • Video Library of 8 Guided Skill Practices
  • Library of 8 Downloadable Infographic PDFs of Skill Practice Sequences
  • Exclusive Access to One-Hour Facebook Live Training Seminar

How about some bonuses?

In addition to the incredible value in this program, here are some additional bonuses if you purchase now. 

1. PDF E-book “Truth-Talking”
2. T.E.A.R. Habit Loop Mapping downloadable Worksheet
3. Discount for Difficult Conversations Coaching / Certification Subscription

You are backed by our 30-day 100% money back guarantee

If you complete the program and are not satisfied with its material you are entitled to a free consultation call to learn how it might be tailored to fit your needs. If you are still not satisfied with the material, you are then entitled to a full refund of the cost of the program.

A Note from Mitch Abblett PhD

Hi, I'm Mitch!

We are living in a time of unprecedented polarization, division, disconnection and doubt. Unlike any time in recent history, educated, well-meaning people struggle to stay compassionately and yet assertively connected in work and personal communication with others.

I’m on a mission to teach what I’ve learned over decades of clinical work with challenging-to-work-with clients so that everyone can have access to the tools that few clinicians, and even skilled diplomats on the world stage possess.

I hope you will join me in this program!

Here are some questions I know you might be asking.

Are you still undecided?

This offer is perfect for you if:

You're facing major life changes that will involve decisions creating likely upset for others in their work and personal lives.

Your family members are estranged from one another due to political, religious, lifestyle, COVID-related and other high-charge content.

You're a professional having to regularly work with challenging clients / customers around high-stakes / high-charge issues and / or having to give / receive undesired feedback.

You belong to an organizations whose members are struggling with the ill-effects of burnout, low-morale and in-fighting.

Join Master the Difficult Conversations today


  • Video Library of 4 Recorded Lessons
  • Video Library of 8 Guided Skill Practices
  • Library of 8 Downloadable Infographic PDFs of Skill Practice Sequences
  • Exclusive Access to One-Hour Facebook Live Training Seminar