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Overview of Seminars and Trainings

Current / Recent Training Topics:



"The Heat of the Moment in Treatment: Mindful Management of Difficult Clients" (Description: Hands-on practice of mindfulness, acceptance and interpersonal management skills for clinicians, direct care staff and educators in developing self-understanding, compassion and resilience in work with the most challenging individuals.  Intensive practice of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy intervention skills.)

"Maximizing Outcomes Through Strong Supervisory Relationships" (Description: Mindfulness-based skills development for supervisors in order to maximize supervisory alliances and develop skills for supervisees related to timing and clinical reasoning  in order to improve treatment outcomes)



"The Nexus Point: Mindfulness and Mastery of Clinical Timing and Decision-Making" (Description: Intensive exploration of how to side-step common errors in clinical decision-making based on findings of social psychological and communications research.  Hands-on practice of mindfulness and cognitive/perspective-taking skills for enhancing in-the-moment clinical decision-making and between session treatment planning and advocacy skills.  Learn a comprehensive model for assessing and practicing mindful "presence" with clients, and improve intervention timing.


 *  "A Universal Model of Intervention for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties" (Description: Case studies, discussion and intensive practice in a research-based four stage model of in-the-moment interpersonal communication and behavior management for clinicians, direct care staff, parents and educators of children with emotional and behavioral special needs.  This four stage "universal" model integrates the most recent findings from the mindfulness, psychotherapeutic and developmental literatures as to best practices for this challenging population, and provides a helpful rubric for all those charged with the care of these children.)


** Please note that these are topics which can be modified to fit a client/agency's specific requirements. Contact Dr. Abblett for a free initial consultation regarding your training / seminar needs